Meagan Torres

Here's a Hobby

Dear Person Reading This Blog,


Let me tell you about acting…here it goes:

1) I love it!

2) Acting has helped in my everyday life, so much, that I recommend everyone takes an improv class, voice over class or literally any type of acting workshop. (;

3) It has strengthened my ability to think on my feet, feel confident in those decisions, study (yeah, yeah, college helped with that too) and most importantly, actively listen!

If I’m not present in the moment during improv, I’ll miss a que or adding to the scene will be difficult. Or! In a prepared scene, if I’m not listening and responding to my scene partner in that moment, the authenticity of that moment is missing and people watching our scene can tell.

4) My favorite part about acting is getting a scene and using my own experiences, beliefs and personal insight to bring a character to life. If I’m bold, make powerful and genuine decisions for my character then it’s fun to act and hopefully interesting to watch.  

5) Currently working on 2 scenes. Whoohoo! I’m sure you’ll hear me talk about it… or even run lines with me!


I bid you well on this lovely Thursday,


Your dearest Megz







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