Andrew Ilg

Flying High

A (somewhat) recent hobby of mine is flying drones and aerial photography. I started getting into drones around 2014 when a friend of mine introduced me to them -- as the hobby grew stronger for him, he invested in more expensive drones and began networking and booking events, shooting music videos and real estate jobs locally. Business was so lucrative for him that he ended up quitting his day job and making an entrepreneurship out of flying drones. I was always in awe of the photos and videos these things produced, so I decided to buy my first drone in 2018 to see where it would take me.

I am no professional flier, nor do I even have my pilot’s license. To fly these types of drones, you don’t even need one! I enjoy hiking and mountain biking as well, and these adventures often take me to some pretty neat destinations. I pack my folding drone (yes, it folds!) into my day pack and take a minute whenever to get an eye in the sky. Even when I am not adventuring, the drone still produces some pretty amazing shots of ordinary scenery. It shows a view that we otherwise wouldn’t see in our everyday lives. Through the past year I’ve learned so much about what these things can do and the content they can produce. I’ve also learned that really breathtaking places often don’t allow the flying of drones and you will be fined for entering such restricted airspace… such is life I guess! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Below are just a few unedited photographs I’ve taken over the past year, maybe you can recognize some local spots!

Side note: If you or anyone you know want some sweet (and free) aerial shots done.. you know where to find me!

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