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Ehh, What's Up, Doc?


This is my first time writing a blog post, so I am going to dive right in with something ridiculous. How many of you remember the masterpiece of cinema entertainment, Space Jam?! You probably wouldn't consider it to be a movie with much depth or involved philosophy. However, Warner Bros has a public archive of Space Jams 1996 website and you would be surprised at the amount of detail they have paid to their beloved creations.

Take Bugs Bunny, for example. Warner Bros bio, for our carrot loving friend, actually provided me with some personal insight on how I aspire to deal with life's challenges. Conflict, as you all know, is one of life's many constants. We talk about it a lot at SlideBelts and we all have our own unique outlooks on how to generally deal with it. The following is Warner Bro's explanation on how Bugs Bunny deals with conflict. 

"There's a moment in A Hare Grows in Manhattan when Bugs dives into a manhole to escape the bulldog pursuing him, and between the time the dog leaps in the air and the time he reaches the manhole, Bugs has managed to resurface, grab the manhole cover, and pull it into place--turning the dog's face into something resembling a waffle. It's a simple enough gag, but the point is that there is a look of such total delight on Bugs' face as he performs the act, that he turns the whole business into something else altogether, a conflict of viewpoints rather than a physical conflict between two animals.

Bugs is Puck reborn; he enjoys the scrapes he gets into because he knows he'll win eventually. This goes a long way toward making him the irresistible character he is: he holds out the possibility that the Battle is winnable, that we can vanquish the foe and have fun doing it, that every setback can become another challenge, another excuse for high spirits."

I mean, what a total BOSS right? Bugs Bunny is, like, 78 years old now and for all 78 years haters keep trying to destroy him and everything he holds dear. But at the end of the day, he greets adversity gladly and with a well calculated ...

Ehh, What's Up, Doc?


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