Olivia Wilson

Doodle on, Doodlers

Good news! There have been many studies that confirm that doodling is indeed, good for you. There's even an entire department of people at Google with a job title of "Doodler" who make the Google doodles you see on the Google homepage on holidays. This is important stuff we're talking about here, people.

If you walk by my desk at any given point you'll probably see a few different notebooks (I'm a serial list-maker) that are littered with doodles. I find that if I'm doing something tedious, taking a break to doodle something every once in a while helps me refocus myself. Aside from being a focusing tool, doodling has been found to help with problem-solving. It engages different parts of the brain, so you may reach your "a-ha moment" while doodling. 

Something else that's interesting is the fact that we stopped drawing at all. As we grow up, drawing and doodling is engrained in us. It's something we would do for fun! At some point or another (for most of us) drawing became something that was too daunting. BUT doodling and drawing is linked to learning and effectively processing information... so let's bring it back.

Moral of the story: don't be afraid to doodle! 

Because, science.

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