Rylee Stagg

Disc Golf and Ice Cream

Disc Golf and Ice Cream. You’re probably wondering what Disc Golf is and how Ice Cream could be a hobby, allow me to enlighten you.

So Disc Golf is basically golfing but with a plastic disc (not to be confused with a frisbee) and a metal basket.(See Below). Funny story, I actually disliked Disc Golf for the longest time, it was super frustrating because I didn’t play very often, and when I did my disc never went where I wanted-so I’d inevitably be tromping around in bushes searching high and low for my disc just so I could throw it another 20 feet haha. But, Grant LOVES disc golf, that’s what we did on our first date, and he plays several times a week, so by default I play too. I’m starting to throw further and control my throws a little better, but I still relate to this little guy in the gif most of the time.

Ice cream is a wonderful compliment to an outdoor hobby in the summer, Grant and I just got an ice cream maker and we make ice cream quite often, we started experimenting with different flavors and it’s so much fun! We’ve done Birthday Cake Oreo, Biscoff Cookie Butter, Reese's Peanut Butter, and Cake Batter flavors to name a few. :) I’m always open to new suggestions for flavors, it gives me an excuse to eat ice cream. ;)

Have a fantastic Thursday, Team!


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