Megan Befus

Chilly Halloweens

Happy Halloween all! I absolutely LOVE Halloween, it’s always my favorite time of the year! Growing up, I was always so excited to go trick-or-treating! My mom usually made my costume or we went with something inexpensive, but I was just excited to be able to dress up however you want and have people give you candy! When kids in my high school were going to parties or going out, I was always trick-or-treating! Growing up in the midwest, trick-or-treating usually meant freezing temps and most likely snow. I had to plan my costume around gloves, scarves, a heavy coat, boots, and earmuffs. Or, some years if my costume was just too good, I’d risk it and just be cold! My most memorable Halloween was when I was trick-or-treating in high school with my friend in her neighborhood, and of course, it started to snow. As the snow kept coming, we kept trick-or-treating. It got to the point where we were most likely the only trick-or-treaters outside! We would go up to collect our candy, and most houses ended up giving us their whole bowl or whatever candy they had left because no one was coming to their house! Even though we were very frozen, wet, and cold...we filled our pillow cases with about 20 pounds of candy each! Even though trick-or-treating has not been age appropriate for me for several years, I still love dressing up and eating candy :) Have a fun Halloween!


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