Jeff Schmidt

Chapter 1:

Reading happens to be something that I'll pick up in bursts and then set aside for a while. Maybe I go through two books and really enjoy them, and then I won't happen to think about or open one for a couple months. I wonder if it might be my inner-rebel telling me that reading is boring because I was told to do it in school or else I would be negatively impacted. 


When I hear it like Mr. Twain puts it, though, it makes me stop and honestly be so thankful for the ability to do it. What if I couldn't? What the heck would I be able to get done if I couldn't see, understand, or process and decipher letters for some reason? I really don't know, but I can, and that makes me very lucky. According to various studies, somewhere between 10 and 20% of the world cannot 2016. 


As far as I can tell, no one at SlideBelts Inc. is in that category, and we are even luckier because of it. See, that inner-rebel happens to respond very well to positive incentives. I've realized that you can get a lot of perspective, wisdom, and enjoyment out of a good book, article or magazine. Besides that, though, we are all at a workplace that gives benefits for reading some books that happen to be really good. 


If you haven't yet checked out the library in the break room or on audible, appreciate the ability you have it and JUST DO IT! Seriously, you know it's worth it. 


Happy Thursday. Get 'er Done! 

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