Cassidy Myers

Canine Resolutions

Like most people, I have a few things in mind that I want to focus on with every calendar turn to a new year. Also like most people, I've come to question the idea behind new year's resolutions - why wait until a new year to work on things? Even if I were to succeed with one of my resolutions, does that mean I've failed with my 3 or 4 others?


After thinking it through for the first few days of the new year, I came to a new conclusion the other night: the only resolution I need is to act more like my dogs. (Hopefully I don't lose everyone but Gabby at this point...)


Our two Golden Retrievers, Tucker (named after Kentucky, obviously) and Nolan, are all the things I want to be: they're unconditionally loving, endlessly happy and thankful for everything. Really, what more could you need? If you have those three things, everything else after that is just icing on the cake.


Too often, our human nature is to believe that everything has to be good and all of our needs must be met before we can be kind. Bad days, a fight with a loved one or the stress of bills often dictate our general happiness and kindness towards others. As it turns out, kindness and happiness is actually the foundation for all other things to fall into place. To me, my dogs are the perfect reminder of that on a daily basis.


I could go on and on about all the reasons that dogs are sometimes the only redeeming aspects of humans, but instead I'm going to take this opportunity to share lots of pictures of my dogs and you'll see why I just want to be like them when I grow up:



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