Saranya Prakash

Big surprise 🌟

Who doesnt love Christmas. Though Christmas was not part of our tradition, I love it so much. It brings happy vibes around. I would go to my friends place who had this big , decorated, lit up christmas tree. I always get so much happy to seeing it. Would stop at big shops or malls just to admire this tree. Since childhood, I have always wanted to have one too at our house. I wanted to decorate it. But my dad never showed any interest. In general he is a very simple person, no big celebration or a surprise-loving kinda person.


My birthdays at home would be mostly like visiting temple and mom used to make sweets and all the special food that we like and we eat together. We don't cut cakes at home. Those days going to a restaurant was rare to us. So on spl days we might go out for dinner as a family. 


I know I came from talking about Christmas to my birthday for a reason. My birthday is in December and on 2014 for my birthday, my dad and mom together planned a beautiful surprise for me and trust me I had no clue about it. Not even a bit of doubt. We live in same house and I don't know how he managed to hide those things from me. 


They got me a small but cute christmas tree and a big star to hang at the center of the house, a baskets full of flowers and a basket full of my favourite chocolates. My mom gave me handmade birthday card for me. It was soo beautiful and I loved it. I still have it. They hid the cake from me, decorated the living rooms with balloons and lights and when it was 12:00 , they asked me to come out of my room and I was surprised to see all of these. I never expected them to throw me a surprise that too like this. My friends always tried hard to surprise me for my birthday but somehow I end up knowing it, always. But this is truly one of the best surprises till now that I would like to cherish. So I had a beautiful start of birthday with the lovely christmas vibe that year. 



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