megan simon

Be The Meg You Wish To See In The World

This weekend, I saw the big shark movie of the summer, The Meg. As a Meg myself, I was of course empowered by the prehistoric behemoth. Here are some ways you, too, can embody The Meg in your everyday lives:
1. Rise above it - If you are facing a challenge, like living at the bottom of the Marianas Trench for example, keep your massive chin up and push through it
2. Keep people guessing - People love surprises, so show up unannounced to a social gathering! It's totally okay to crash a party...or a boat!
3. Go after what you want - Whether it's a promotion at work or a bite of Jason Statham, you should always chase the things you desire at all costs
Follow these tips, and you'll be at the top of the food chain in no time.
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