Olivia Wilson

Artsy Shmartsy

When you're an art major, you tend to go a lot of art shows. As a result, I've seen a large amount of incredible art by some really talented and prolific artists. Art is a funny thing. It's intimidating, confusing, beautiful, and necessary, among countless other things. I've had to study it more than the average human normally does (unless you were an art major, in which case *fist bump*) and more often than not, I find myself having less than no clue what is going on in an exhibit. Rather than pretending to "get it," because I'm not that good of an actress, I usually try to to look at it from the standpoint of: 
"I have no idea what's going on but I like _____ about this."
Or, "this piece makes me feel ____."
Or, "how does this apply to me and to my life?" 

Art allows us the opportunity to look at things from a new perspective and through a different lens. It humbles us (or at least myself) and gives us the opportunity to dialogue with others about what it means, how it makes us feel, etc. All good things, if you ask me!  

Here's some photos from an exhibit by Doh Ho Suh. I hope it inspires you to go see some cool art somewhere and talk about it with someone

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