Meagan Torres

5 Reasons Sitting on the Ground is Good For Your Health:

Sitting on the ground is good for you because it:

1. Naturally improves your posture - this helps prevent injuries, reduces the chances of straining certain muscles and joints, which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear as well as structural problems.

2. Our bodies weren't made to sit in chairs! Chairs are a very recent invention in the grand history of human evolution. 

3. Improves your strength and flexibility  - sitting on the floor strengthens the lower back and core muscles, which are what allow us to stand upright without slouching, as well as pick up heavy objects without hurting ourselves. 

Also, sitting on the ground increases hip flexibility which can reduce lower back and knee pain, and make everything from walking to dancing easier and more enjoyable.

4. Correlated to a longer life span - The ability to stand up from a seated position on the floor without using your hands has been correlated with a longer life expectancy (I didn't have time to look at the science to back this one up).

This test, which you can try yourself at home, is thought to measure balance, strength and flexibility needed to avoid common accidents, injuries and falls. The test is much harder than it sounds, and requires you to be strong and flexible enough to be able to sit on the floor fairly comfortably first.

(On behalf of HR, PLEASE do not try this at the office, thank yooou)

5. It's humbling - Sitting on the floor can give you a new, humble perspective on the world and even yourself. There is a reason monks meditate on the floor and not in chairs. ;)  It's just more simple to connect with nature, animals, children, and self! Consider this during your next holiday gathering.


<3 Megz





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