Taylor Brown

2020 Resolutions & Goals to "Kill"

Hey everyone! Yes, it is that time of year when everyone sets a billion different goals to crush during the New Year! It is also that time of year when goals/resolutions are dropped within the first two months of being made! I hope you all are creating healthy goals with your happiness in mind. May we all crush our goals this year and create new opportunities in all aspects of our lives.

For me, this year has started off fairly great, and with a few bucket list goals already checked off! The Florida trade-show definitely helped me to achieve quite a few of those goals, and I was not intending on doing so just a month or two ago. With my first trip flying on an airplane, first time visiting Florida, and first time seeing parts of the East Coast all done, I am definitely planning on knocking out just a few more major goals!

For me, purchasing a house is a huge goal. While I may not crush that goal this year, I am creating "mini" goals in order to achieve it down the road. This includes saving more money, minimizing the personal belongings lying haphazardly about my current living space, and reducing my waste in general. So far, I have begun the processes necessary to succeed in these smaller goals, including donating/consigning my extra and unused clothing. Just as well, I have started the 52 Week Challenge. This consists of pulling random numbers (1 to 52) at the start of each week. Whatever number I pull that specific week is the amount of money I must set aside for savings. In doing this challenge, I will have enough to upgrade the older features of my life (especially my iPhone 5), or take a necessary vacation. 

It is my deepest hopes that I am able to stick to these goals, even creating new habits from them, so that I may end this year strong, productive, and content. Wish me luck in doing so, just as I wish you all luck in crushing your goals (no matter how big or small they are). Happy New Year everyone and have fun! :) 

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