Michelle Whitehead

2019 - The Year of Happiness!

Hi guys, happy Friday! It's still the first week of January, so hopefully I can get away with writing about New Year's resolutions. :)

2018 was pretty good to me! I got married, got to go on an amazing honeymoon, got promoted to full time here (woo!), and sooo many more magical things! The biggest let down was my emotional state though. I struggle with Bipolar Disorder, so I often experience a lot of ups and downs. Unfortunately, more downs than ups. This is really stressful for me because I like to be happy and sometimes it takes every ounce of my energy to fake it. So if I come off as really distant sometimes, I promise I'm not mad at you, just having a hard time with my emotions!

2019 started out really rough (and we're only on day 4). I was insanely depressed, I got sick, had some personal family issues but hey, hopefully it's easy from here on out! My depression has left me (peace out, you will not be missed!) and now I feel like I'm me again. I'm happy!

My resolution for this year is to stay happy. Obviously I can't exactly choose when I want to be happy but there are things that I can do to somewhat help. I'm going to get waaaay out of my comfort zone, and look for a Bipolar support group, get on a new medication (clearly this combo ain't helpin'!), and do little self-care things to make myself happy.

These are scary changes for me, so bear with me and wish me luck. 2019 IS TOTALLY THE YEAR FOR HAPPINESS... Starting now!


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