Cassidy Myers

12 Days of Giveaways

As most of you who follow us on social have probably seen, we're in the midst of our #12DaysOfGiveaways on social media, where we give away a different product every day for 12 days. In order to win, our followers answer a question and the best answer is the winner for that day.


It's been really fun for me to read through all the comments every morning from the giveaway entrants the day before. So far, we've asked questions like:

-What's your favorite childhood holiday memory?

-What's your favorite Christmas Eve tradition?

-What's your most dreaded holiday family tradition? 


As you can imagine, there are some really good responses. The responses to the Day 1 question, in particular, really struck a cord with me. We asked people to tell us about their favorite childhood holiday memory and of the roughly 90 responses we got, there were a handful who talked about a favorite or unexpected gift, but by and large, most of the answers centered around family and shared experiences.


I don't want to sound too cheesy or cliche, but in the midst of the holiday season where the financial and gift-giving stress is at an all-time high, the research shows (yes, our giveaway questions qualify as research) that the lasting memory people will have years from now isn't the gift they got, but the experiences and the memories shared with loved ones. I love giving gifts, so that part will always be enjoyable to me, but at the end of the day, the most important part are the memories made. Just something to remember as we get closer to Christmas. Hope you all had a great weekend - let's make this week a good one!



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