Michelle Khan

San Diego

I'm going to open by saying my memory stinks, it's such a bummer that I always forget exciting moments. I do have an awesome one from just a few weeks back, however!

I took my mom's birthday week off back in June (not quite summer, but almost!) and planned a trip to San Diego. Mom and I are both weirdly obsessed with sloths, (how can you not be!?), so I took her to the zoo, specifically to see one of these bad boys. I mean, the other animals are cool too, no offense to them, but SLOTHSSSS!

We finally found the sloth exhibit and were so sad to see the sign, "Animals Off Exhibit". We asked the staff if they were going to make a debut later on and they told us that the sloth just had two babies, so they most likely wouldn't be back on the exhibit for a couple of months. We were super bummed and began wandering through a gift shop, thinking of what other exhibits to visit next. Cute monkey stuffed animals here, tigers there, when suddenly, WE FOUND THE SLOTH STUFFED ANIMALS! I immediately picked one up and claimed it. I asked the cashier what the male sloth's name was in the zoo and she let us know that his name is, get this... Brad Pitt. So I obviously named my new sloth Brad Bitt and this somehow completely made our days.

Thanks for the fun memory mom, happy birthday!


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