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July Loop Topic: Most Memorable Summer Event, Vacation, Activity, Moments, etc.

Well hello, Loop readers!

Again, we’re very excited to bring back this form of internal communication. Our purpose is to hear from each other on a daily basis, and hopefully to find new grounds of common interest to continue to build our team dynamics.


My most memorable summer vacations have always been the ones to Disneyland back in the day. If you hadn’t already heard, I’m a big Disney fan, and I can fully blame my parents for this, since it was our go-to summer vacation for many years. Growing up with 3 other siblings, I have no idea how they afforded it, but I’m sure prices were a lot more reasonable back in the 90’s.*  

Now, I also know a lot of people who hate Disneyland, and I actually don’t blame them. I bet some of you even rolled your eyes at the beginning of this post. I get it. It’s changed a lot over the years. I was there semi-recently, and the lines were horrendous, it was SO crowded, and the food is a lot more expensive when you’re not solely eating the Mickey Mouse shaped chicky-nuggets (also when you have to pay for them yourself 😁).


And yet, I still loved it just as much, because it’s tied very closely to many of my favorite family memories of us all being together and extremely happy. A memory that really sticks out to me was how my dad always wanted to provide the best experience for us while we were there, so money seemed to be a non-issue, but only while we were in the park. We were by no means a wealthy family, or spoiled for that matter, but while we were in Disneyland, if I wanted a Mickey shaped ice cream for breakfast, bam, I had it. If my little sister wanted to be dressed from head to toe like a princess; voila, wish granted.


But yeah, I always remember and cherish how extra magical my dad made the whole experience, and I hope to be able to do the same if I find myself there with a family of my own someday. (Needless to say, I should probably start saving now haha)

My mom, myself, and my 3 siblings (I'm the rugrat in green). >>>

**Fun fact, I looked it up actually. Sheesh.

1997 Adult One Day Admission - $36.00 each

2019 Adult One Day Admission - $97.00-$135.00 depending on peak seasons/weekends, etc.

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