Michelle Whitehead


Hi everyone, crazy animal lady here, and today we’re talking about ferrets! These stinky creatures are seriously the best pets you can ever hope to have, they’re that perfect balance between puppies and kittens!

I had two of these slinky, stinky creatures – Minnie and Cooper… Minnie was named after Minnie Mouse and Cooper joined the family a couple years later, right after we bought a Mini Cooper. A stroke of genius, I know! Here are some awesome things I learned about ferrets:

1 – They need a LOT of space. This goes for all animals, but ferrets are energetic (well, not Minnie) creatures and they need a lot of play time! Minnie and Cooper loved when we’d let them roam free around the house while we kept close supervision but Minnie’s favorite thing was to come out of her cage, play for a little, and fall asleep on the couch.

2 - The Ferret has become the third most popular pet in the US behind cats and dogs. Obviously... They're the best things ever!

3 -  Lost your remote lately? Your car keys? Stealing and hiding objects is part of the ferret’s natural instincts. Minnie and Cooper used to always take things to a specific hiding spot and it was always fun to see what they had gathered.

4 – Dooking. Yes, you read that right! “Dooking” is the sound a ferret makes, generally out of excitement! Cooper would follow his dooks with intense body sways while standing on his hind legs and would end his manic attack with a jump. :)


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