Brenda Rangel

Your Excuse is Invalid

Meet Todd Love, a US Marine who was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan. The incident took both his legs and part of his left arm, making him a triple amputee. The loss of a limb, let alone three, can easily be a momentous devastation for anyone and the mere state of melancholy can bring the strongest down to depression.



But this hasn’t been the case for Todd. Although a triple amputee, Todd has not stopped living life to its fullest. While in rehab, Todd made it a goal to join The Spartan Race, and, contrary to its name, the event actually consists of a variety of races, each one with its own set of unique obstacles. Take The Beast for example, here one would have to undergo 10.5 miles of rugged terrain across 75 obstacles. Well, not only did Todd join The Spartan Race, but he and his team completed The Beast…and that was only the beginning.



Since rehab, Todd has taken on skydiving, skiing, piano playing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, and apparently, once in a blue moon, he’ll take on wrestling an alligator. Is there anything this guy can’t do?




I bring you the story of Todd Love because I know how easy it is to underestimate your own capabilities or to dwell on what you don't have and simply make excuses. Just last week, I continuously dwelled on the fact that Jeff wasn’t here every time I got hit with a new obstacle. But I had to remind myself that I had other recourses I wasn’t utilizing (thanks again to Michelle, Matt, and Josh for all your help last week) and that, most importantly, I was underestimating my own capabilities.



So if you’re anything like me and you need the occasional reminder or a shot of pure inspiration, I encourage you to look to Todd’s story and remind yourself that you’re the only obstacle that stands in your way.



“I will promise I will never let what I can’t do interfere with what I can do.” -Todd Love


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