Kaliska Wootton

Why You Should Get A Dog

Many people seem to have an intrinsic love for animals; I am one of them. At the moment I have a bad case of puppy fever. I see a dog, we lock eyes and I have to go pet it. While this may seem ~weird~ to some, humans actually have biological reasons to love dogs. Because of this symbiotic relationship, there are some major bennies to consider:

1 Improved heart health

2 Keeps you active...

3 ...which can help you lose weight

4 Improve your social life

5 Reduce stress

6 Add meaning and purpose to your life

7 Prevent depression

8 Prevent (your kids) allergies

9 Reduce risk for general illness

10 You’ll feel safer

So if you want to be happier, healthier, and live longer then you should get a dog!*

*note: the author of this post does not have a dog.

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