Nery Solano

Story Time With Nery

Eyes filled with excitement; as we drive past the poorly constructed barrier, meant to keep intruders out. It was late spring, so the immense white blanket covering all that was visible was a surprise. 
We had heard of this place, rumors mostly. Iron Mountain, an abandoned ski resort ripe for exploration! Recruiting a partner in crime took little convincing and off we were, wandering the El Dorado National Forest. 
We hop out of the car, with little more than sweatshirts and vans, our curious minds getting the best of us. The snow, deep and unforgiving, quickly informed us that we were grossly ill prepared. As the cold continued to set in, we decided to head back. 
As the car began to move, the four wheel drive kept us confident, but the mountain was not done with us. SHUUSHCH, the car sinks into the cold white abyss. . . I step out to assess the damage. . . I lose my mind. 
I run through our supplies: sweatshirts, vans, shovel? Tire chains? No. We are stuck. Did I mention we lost phone signal about 30 miles earlier? I lose my mind a second time. 
In my panic, I ran to the abandoned lodge and proceeded to punch and kick wildly. Then my eyes, red with fear and anger, spot a 2x4. The perfect tool to continue my path of destruction. I paused, letting the panic slowly drain from me. 
"This is our way out" I shout. I grabbed the piece of wood, with a newfound respect for it, and began to fashion what I can only describe as snowshoes for tires. 
Alas, Iron Mountain let us free with cold hands and feet and an interesting story. 
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