Brandi Perez

Practicing Patience

I looked up some quotes to get a bit of inspiration for this post and the first one I came across seemed pretty fitting for me:

I talked about patience briefly in a previous post of mine so I apologize if this is a bit repetitive. However, this is pretty relevant in my personal life at the moment. Patience has never been a strong suit of mine. In this day and age, we have so much at our fingertips and instant gratification is easily attainable. At the click of a button we can get any information we want on the internet via phone, tablet computer, etc. We can contact anyone we want instantly with a quick text, DM or call. But not everything is within our control and therefore, we need to exercise patience. We need patience if we are waiting on information from someone, patience to see the outcome of a test, patience to see how things “play out”, etc. I love this quote because a lot of times we think we just need to have patience to wait but we forget what an important role attitude plays. Waiting is rough for some of us. Especially if waiting includes anything or anyone very near and dear to us. But how much better and less stressful will the waiting period be if we strive to keep a good attitude and choose to be happy and positive while practicing patience? I would think quite a bit. Here’s to having a good attitude, even when practicing patience.



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