Brandi Perez

One Thing a Day…

Recently while watching a random television show, one of the characters said that she made a goal for herself to do one thing a day that scares her. At first, I thought to myself “why in the world would I want to do one thing a day that scares me?” Then she gave examples to her friend of things she had done like performing a stand-up comedy routine at an open mic night, speaking to the guy she was crushing on and other small things like that. She said it didn’t have to be anything huge like jumping out of plane, or diving off a cliff, just as long as it was something that pushed her out of her comfort zone at least once a day. Then I thought “that can be a pretty good goal, maybe not so fun at first, but it could become fun”.


We get so comfortable in our routines or our comfort zone that we may be missing out on exciting opportunities because the initial idea scares us. I am super guilty of this and while I may not do one thing every day that scares me, it made me realize that it is good to push ourselves to do things that may seem a bit scary at first, because they may become the most rewarding. Have a great weekend Crusaders!


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