Kim Fong


I got my post idea from our very own media expert Bryan (Thanks Bry 😊).  This last Tuesday, I went to view our new building “Jurassic Park”!  I really had no idea what to expect but turns out it is exactly as I imagined a “Jurassic Park” to be plus more.  It was a Massive, jungle-y, overgrown - high security zoo for the secret development and life of Dinosaurs (replace Dinosaurs for SlideBelts)! It was a huge building full of potential, new adventures, maybe a few secret tunnels and even a lot of life. Speaking of life, I think almost everyone has already heard about the bobcat. BUT if you have not…then GUYS THERE WAS A BOBCAT! Time for some fun facts about Bobcats by Kim.

1) Bobcats are a part of the lynx family and sometimes called the bob-tailed cat. Look for that cute little butt “bob” and check it out!

2) Bobcats are tiny little felines. Most people are very surprised at their small stature and can mistake them for house cats or small mountain lions. 

3) Bobcats like to live alone and are rarely seen in groups, only seen together during mating season or have kittens. I guess our little buddy is “Single and Ready to Mingle”.

4) Bobcats can adapt to a very wide range of habitats, from forest, snow, desert and can even live in suburban areas. Their range and can be spread all over the united states, Canada and even in parts of Mexico, so they are hiding EVERYWHERE!

Overall, I think it’s a rare surprise to see a bobcat!  I would recommend not feeding it or trying to touch it (Rabies is real). I would like to welcome, our new friend “Bob-J-Mat-Cat”! Please enjoy hanging out and I hope you stay for a little while to see the new building and the many adventures SlideBelts will have at the new home.



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