Izzy Koehn


What perfect timing to talk about the best vacation I've been on! Let's just say I've been on many memorable vacations growing up, the usual family summer Newport Beach and Tahoe trips. It was definitely time to switch it up (even though I already did the Tahoe trip). Not only has traveling to Guatemala been an overall amazing experience, it's been so eye opening and I've felt truly grateful to be here. It has taken me 19 years but I'm back baby! And we'll just say that I'm a shy Spanish speaker, my parents and brother speak absolutely none, so that's also been fun and quite comedic. 
The moment we landed in the city it was a like whole different world, so beyond beautiful. The first hotel I stayed, which was in Guatemala city, I just looked out and saw endless houses, mountains, and volcanoes. Yes, volcanoes. That is probably the most exciting and thrilling part, hiking a volcano. Also plenty of touristy stuff to do, especially in Antigua, which was where I stayed majority of my time. I got to experience ziplining, horse back riding, coffee tours, and ATVing. 
The first eventful thing that happened was ATVing, I thought about attempting a video of my group and I riding through the city, but you definitely have to be aggressive driving around or you'll just sit at a stop for quite a while. But I have a photo of me parked, next best thing right? The other picture is where I rode to, and I felt on top of the world. So green and beyond beautiful. 
This picture is of me front row, with no seat belt because living on the edge is how we roll, going up the coffee plant filled mountain. I was able to pick my own coffee been and bring it back, awesome!
Here I am riding a horse, names Carter, through the coffee plant mountain which was so surreal and really relaxing. I've mentioned several times how green it is, but do you see that? And this picture still doesn't do it justice. 
Last but not least, the final picture, me about to go zipling across the coffee plantation (I clearly spent a lot of time there). I believe it was over 150 meters, and holy cow it felt like it, but the moment you take off you literally see everything. So open and freeing, a little terrifying of course. 
Guatemala 2019 summer trip, best vacation yet. You bet I'll be back. 
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