Courtney Eilhardt

Until Next Time, Loop!

A few of you may have noticed that I personally am a huge advocate for the millennial generation. Am I biased? Of course. But I do try to look at it objectively in the way of this: I’m surrounded by plenty of them every day here at SlideBelts, and they/we are much more than our stereotypes give us credit for. Just look around at what we have helped create!!

But if you still have doubts about this generation, I found another pretty cool fact about them as a whole: According to a recent study, millennials actually give more generously and carefully to charities than their predecessors. Over 50% of the surveyed millennials said they check out a charity before donating, compared with only 29% of generations older than them, which is a great habit nowadays when phishing emails and even legit charitable organizations end up pocketing a lot of the donations. One of the reasons millennials may be giving more is because they've found easy and convenient ways to give...

Speaking of, as the new year starts, consider jumping into this statistic and setting up a charitable donation out of your paycheck in Gusto. It can be as little as $5 per paycheck and there are hundreds of charities to choose from. You can set this up in the “giving” tab of Gusto, or let me know if you need direction. If you forgot, SlideBelts also matches these donations up to $50 per employee!!

As this is my last loop, I’d also like to throw out a quick thanks for letting me write to you guys once a week here for the last several months. It was a privilege to share whatever the heck was in my brain that week, and I look forward to hearing what’s in others’!


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