Saranya Prakash

Charlotte Diaries ❤️

I had many memorable moments in Charlotte during 2016 and 2017 most of which are like my first time experiences. To begin with, until December 29 2015, I never travelled by an airplane. It was my first and long flight to US. Had mixed emotions. Was sad that I will be missing home but was also excited for the new journey. Luckily I met few of my batchmates who also travelled to same university the same day and our friendship journey began in airport and still continues. They are like friends who became family. 

Overnight layover at chicago (first time felt how it would be to be in a place that had its temperature in minus degrees)


I come from a place which had only two seasons - mostly summer and few months for winter (only rains no snow). So you can guess how exciting it could have been to witness snow for first time. I also enjoyed the fall colors and beauty of spring in Charlotte.

I admire former president Obama for many reasons and also got a chance to see him from a distance during the election campaign. (may not be clear in this image)




First halloween pumpkin carving with my lovely host family. They gave me and my friends lot of good memories. Lots of get togethers, birthday parties, thanksgiving, christmas, etc. It was like a home away from home. :) :)  




I am a person who is very afraid of heights. After a really long time trembling at the edge of each experience I finally did 100ft free fall, zip lining and it was really a great experience. 

These were some of my first and best experiences in Charlotte. Since our classes were only three times a week mostly, I got a chance to explore many new things. International cultural fest, game nights, and many more cheerful memories.  


Finally the graduation. Missed my parents so much on this day but felt very happy to have done this and grateful for all the wonderful experience US gave me. 


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