Saranya Prakash

Test Post 2 for journal

Feeling stressed, tired, and grumpy? Your morning routine could be to blame. Depending on how you spend those first waking moments, you could be secretly sabotaging your mood, or worse, your entire day. Studies have shown that mornings can greatly affect productivity, the quality of your work, how you articulate, and how you interact with others. 
  • Brig Founder & CEO
  • Michelle Chief Creative Officer
  • Navi Senior Administrative Officer
  • Rick Chief Operations Officer
  • Matt Wholesale Brand Ambassador
  • Mark Remote Guest
    Service Technician
  • Rylee Remote Guest
    Service Technician
  • Hauson Product Manager
  • Jeff Wholesale Brand Manager
  • Cassidy Senior Copywriter
  • Andrew Graphic Designer
  • Kevin Assistant Operations Manager
  • Emmeline eCommerce Product
    Data Coordinator
  • Connor Product and Guest
    Service Specialist
  • Trevor I.T. Administrator
  • Courtney Human Resources Manager