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Whether you work from home or in-office, starting your day off on the right foot can be crucial for task management and job performance. While mornings are not always ideal, there are ways to make them easier to manage. With that being said, these quick and simple hacks will help you to wake up calm, happy, and focused!




Packing your essentials the night before is a great way to minimize your to-do list. Try laying out your clothes in advance, covering everything from top to bottom (yes, this includes your undergarments, accessories, and shoes). Ensuring that your outfit is ready-to-wear will not only save time, but allow you to dress for the job you want. Heading to the park or gym? This same logic applies for exercise clothes and workout gear.


While it may be tempting to hit that snooze button, this can actually disrupt your circadian rhythm (your internal clock or sleep cycles). By unintentionally drifting off, it is more likely that you will wake groggy, rather than well-rested. Rather than ignoring your alarm clock, turn it off as soon as it sounds. Notably, this will require some effort and willpower.
To reduce the urge to sleep a little longer, try placing your alarm clock or phone out of reach. Alternatively, you can disable the snooze function. This usually does the trick, however, be sure not to set multiple (different) alarms. Both methods are effective, as they will force you to physically shake your slumber.
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