Tuesday, June 28th. Make Today Count!


Good Morning Crusaders!

Last week we looked at infographic on productivity. This week, let's look at some cool hacks and how to focus.






Oh Chicago...

I was hoping to be back in the office this morning but unfortunately I am writing this loop from a random hotel in the middle of nowhere Chicago... Since I've never been to Chicago before... I felt a common obligation to learn a little bit about the city. So with ENTHUSIASM: I present to you... 5 fun facts about Chicago.

 - Chicago's downtown area is known as "The Loop." The nickname refers to the area encircled by the elevated (‘L') train tracks.

 - Walt Disney was born in Chicago in 1901. He studied drawing at Chicago's McKinley High School and the Institute of Fine Arts.

 - The Twinkie was invented during the Depression by Chicagoan Jimmy Dewar, at the time, manager of Chicago's Continental Baking Company. The dessert was dubbed "Twinkie" after Dewar spotted an ad for Twinkle Toe Shoes.

 - The first all-color TV station debuted in Chicago (Channel 5).

 - Chicago has the largest collection of Impressionist paintings outside of Paris.



    It's the little things...

    Don't forget to acknowledge your little victories, celebrate them! One day those small victories will add up to be HUGE!
    Ate good all week? Treat yourself with a massage or new cloths.
    Finished a big project at work? Go eat at your favorite restaurant or get yourself your favorite beverage one morning or night.
    Try not to get caught up with whats ahead or whats coming and celebrate your day to day accomplishments now.
    We had a great week this week! PGS's we all should be celebrating this weekend for zeroing out Guest Service. Great job gangI #slideon