Tuesday, July 5th. Make Today Count!

Good Morning Crusaders!

Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend. Each day is another chance to care for yourself and move towards those goals. As we start the second half of the year, it is important to stay motivated. Below are nine-way to stay motivated. GET 'ER DONE!







SlideBelts & U

Why are we so awesome?.... Because of YOU!
Every one of us plays a huge part in our success as a company. From checking damaged pre-packed product and re-stocking our inventory to launching Taboola ads and traveling to Taiwan. Every person is here for a reason, that's whats so awesome about a start up. Everyone matters!
Be proud in the things we have accomplished as a team, but even more proud in the things you accomplish yourself! 
Have a great 3 day weekend team! See you Tuesday.

Change Your Mindset

My sister recently sent me a quote by author Mike Robbins that has been challenging the way I think about things recently - "Why is this happening for me?"


Too often, when something bad happens or when things don't go as planned, the first reaction is "why is this happening to me?!". Changing one word gives an entirely new complexion to the sentence.


Whether you believe everything happens for a reason or not, there's always a positive that can be taken from an unfavorable situation. The "why" might not be immediately be revealed, but changing from a victim mindset ("Why is this happening to me?") will make a world of difference.


Have an awesome Wednesday, everyone! Holiday weekend is right around the corner.